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The transparent LED screen industry will grow rapidly in the future

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As the LED display industry matures and costs decrease, transparent LED screens continue to occupy the media industry. According to forecast data, by 2025, the market value of transparent LED screens is approximately $ 87.2 billion,  and it will have a considerable growth in the future.

In recent years, due to the new display style, thin and light appearance and high-end technology, transparent LED screens have gained a good market share in urban construction. As a segment of the LED screen industry, transparent screens can bring you a new visual experience. This LED screen not only increases product classification and display style, but also provides customers with more choices. With the rapid development of the LED screen industry, the demand for transparent LED screens continues to increase. Today, transparent LED screens have mainly spread to the retail and construction fields, and have become the new development direction of new media.

Retail field

The Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence will be the guide for the second half of the Internet, which will then lead to a digital revolution in traditional industries. At the same time, new retail will flourish. Digital signage, as a retail representative, will quickly spread. Transparent LED screens will be widely used in commercial shop windows, decoration and glass walls.

Building glass wall field

Transparent LED screens used in architectural glass walls usually have a transparency of 70% -95%, which can be easily installed behind glass windows and can even replace the glass. This LED screen hardly affects the light. Due to the ease of installation and maintenance, a new generation of transparent LED display technology can be used on flat and curved surfaces.

All in all, the transparent LED screen is experiencing the best opportunity! Both the technological development and the degree of recognition of transparent screens by relevant industries are in line with the national scientific and technological innovation environment. This is an excellent opportunity.
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