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VMQⅡ Series - LED Wall Displays
  • VMQⅡ Series - LED Wall Displays

VMQⅡ Series - LED Wall Displays

1.16:9 Golden Ratio, Superior Visual;

2.Lightweight & Easy Installation;

3.Humanized Details, Efficient Operation;

4.Patented Technology, Excellent Display;

5.A-Z Production, Strict Quality Control;

6.Higher Operational Stability.

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16:9 Golden Ratio, Superior Visual

Lightweight & Easy Installation

Each cabinet that weighs only 5kg with 50mm thickness can be rapidly installed to save space and time. Flexible front and rear installation can avoid lamp damage by reducing the number of module disassembly.

Humanized Details, Efficient Operation

Test button, status indicator, implicit handle and anti-collision bottom are designed for easy operation; LCD panel is optional to display time, voltage, temperature, and other operational data for comprehensive monitoring.

Patented Technology, Excellent Display

Patented smart inkjet craftsmanship allows the screen to present over 8000:1 high contrast ratio for an outstanding display. The high refresh rate of 3840Hz offers comfortable viewing without scan lines.

16:9 Golden Ratio

The 16:9 golden ratio is ideal for mainstream FHD, 4K, and 8K LED displays, fully accommodating different video formats, and assuring distortion-free playback.

A-Z Production, Strict Quality Control

LianTronics self-produces main raw materials like cabinet frame, cables, back shell etc. for stricter quality control and more guaranteed delivery. The whole production process goes through 400+ tests to assure industry’s highest standard quality.

Higher Operational Stability

Plug-in integrators, dual receiving cards, dual power supply are optional for stable running around the clock, avoiding blackout screen failures.
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