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Esdlumen performed well during the difficult period!

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When entering the fourth quarter of 2020, Esdlumen received a large number of orders during this period. On October 21, 2020, South American sales elite Tina received an order of 10.3 million yuan and entered our wolf warrior clue. On October 28, 2020, the European sales elite Gina received an order of 1.89 million yuan and entered the Wolf Warrior Club. So why did Esdlumen create a lot of good news during the outbreak of the epidemic in overseas markets?

Like all foreign trade companies, Isdrumman also faced many difficulties at the beginning of the year. On the one hand, our sales cannot go abroad, so it is difficult for our sales staff to develop customers. On the other hand, delays in production lead to delays in delivery, which makes it difficult to complete subsequent orders. But there is no difficulty in front of Esdlumen. We uphold the corporate spirit of "make progress every day, and don't give up if you don't succeed", and quickly find solutions.

Because we can't visit customers to recommend our new products, Esdlumen has hosted many Facebook live broadcasts for overseas markets. We made an appointment with the customer before the live broadcast and let professional and technical personnel explain our products on the spot and answer customer questions. In addition, we have also established a virtual reality showroom so that our customers can watch our new products and applications in person without visiting our factory.

In order to solve the problem of delayed delivery, Estrumman began to jointly create and integrate resources with our brother company to achieve the upgrade of the supply chain and complement each other. In addition, we have also launched a new "124 Plan" plan, which can achieve delivery within 10-15 days. After the integration, not only the problem of delivery delays was solved, but also the delivery speed was increased compared with before.

After half a year of preparation, when other competitors were confused about the market, Esdlumen won a large number of orders that other companies could not get. Under this epidemic, opportunities and threats coexist. Only our Werewolves with clear goals and strict discipline can develop in adversity. As Esdlumen CEO Wu Zheng said, "Pandemic + group integration, this year is really difficult. Thank you, everyone. Keep it up! Tomorrow will be better!"
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