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Esdlumen brings a variety of solutions at the LED China 2020

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From September 1st to 3rd, 2020, the 17th Shenzhen LED China Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). As one of the most representative exhibitions in the LED industry, this exhibition attracted thousands of exhibitors with an exhibition area of 70,000 square meters. At the same time, many visitors at the exhibition created a good start for this year's LED industry exhibition. As the world's leading professional service provider of LED display solutions, Esdlumen brought various LED display solutions to this LED China Exhibition (Booth 1-G11), including security monitoring, stage rental screens, and home theaters and new retail And so on, covering mainstream applications.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is one of the main applications of indoor fixed LED displays. The security monitoring screen for this exhibition is composed of 96 Esdlumen KingKong P1.2 cabinets. With seamless stitching and 8K resolution, this large screen can clearly display all data, graphics, and other indicators, full of science and technology! In addition, the product adopts redundant power supply and signal design, supports 7x24 hours real-time monitoring, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the screen during the entire monitoring process.

Stage Rental

In the field of leasing, Esdlumen has always been in the leading position in the industry. In this exhibition, Esdlumen also demonstrated the stage solution. The screen uses Pilot P2.6 products to make the whole stage more vivid. Our Pilot series has the characteristics of one-key replacement of power boxes, 6kg ultra-light cabinets, quick installation and maintenance, corner protection design, etc., which can effectively meet the practical application of rental screens.

Home Theater

In this exhibition, Esdlumen took the lead in showing home theater solutions, bringing the high-definition shock theater to our home. The screen is made of BIM Mini P1.9, the latest product of Esdlumen. The cabinet of this product has a narrow width and supports vertical splicing. Such a design can better create a curved screen, increase the visual effect, and let you feel the immersive experience at home!

New Retail

The screen is made of BIM Pro P1.9 from Esdlumen. New retail is a new concept put forward in recent years. For businesses, by adding LED displays, offline stores can get more consumer experience functions. Merchants can obtain lots of accurate data from a large number of users and promote the reconstruction of the relationship between "people", "goods" and "land".

During the exhibition, Esdlumen communicated with many industry media. Mr. Wu Zheng, chairman of Esdlumen, accepted an interview from DAV and conveyed Esdlumen's latest situation and development direction to the industry; Mr. Lu Gang, Esdlumen's product manager, introduced each of us to the organizer in detail through the organizer's on-site platform. Products and applications. In addition, during the exhibition, Operations Director Mr. Chen Qingqi also introduced our products to customers at our booth.

As the world's leading professional service provider of LED display solutions, Esdlumen focuses on product development, production and application. In addition to providing customers with the best products, we also provide customers with a complete set of solutions to meet their needs. For more information about our exhibition, welcome to our booth 1-G11. Looking forward to your arrival.
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