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How to disinfect the COB and SMD LED screen

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As the epidemic continues to spread, the coronavirus has spread throughout the world. In this special period of coronavirus, disinfection in public places becomes very important. As one of the mainstream display products, LED screens have been used in various places. Therefore, how to disinfect the LED screen has become an important issue for many customers.

Previously, the expert group of the National Health Commission also emphasized the importance of surface disinfection. As is known to all, there are many disinfection products on the market, such as 75% alcohol, 84 disinfectants and so on. But not every disinfection product can be used for LED screens. If you choose the wrong product to disinfect the LED screen, it may cause irreversible damage. So, how can we disinfect the LED screen without damage?

For different LED screen products, we often need to use different methods for disinfection. In the market, there are usually two LED lamp packaging methods, COB and SMD. Among them, the application of SMD packaging is relatively extensive. Most mainstream LED screens use SMD packaging, and the COB packaging method is mainly used for narrow pixel pitch LED screen products.

There are two ways to disinfect COB packaging:

1. The surface of the screen can be wiped with 75% alcohol. This will not affect your screen.

2. COB screen can also use 84 disinfectants to spray disinfect the screen surface. Then wipe it dry with a damp cloth after 10 minutes.

This depends on the technology of the COB small pitch screen. The COB screen does not have the problem of bare lamp feet, and its surface is smooth and seamless, so it can be disinfected with alcohol or 84 disinfectants. More importantly, this LED lamp packaging method also allows you to sterilize without turning off the screen.

For SMD screens, care should be taken when using disinfectants. SMD technology has no "three protections" function. Its surface is very uneven, and it is easy to attach some harmful substances to the screen. Using 84 disinfectants or high-efficiency disinfectants to disinfect SMD screens is very risky. As we all know, the main component of 84 disinfectants is sodium hypochlorite, which has extremely strong oxidizing properties. Therefore, 84 disinfectants will corrode the SMD screen with poor protection. For SMD screens, we can use 75% alcohol for disinfection.

During the epidemic, disinfection is very important. For LED screens, different types of LED lamp packaging methods should use different disinfection methods.
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