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Due to the increasing demand for contrast, mini LEDs will become popular

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With the continuous innovation of technology, some high-performance screens have been launched by many well-known brands. From 1080P to 4K, the resolution of the screen is increasing very fast! The high display effect depends not only on the high resolution but also on the high contrast, making the image more detailed. Many applications today require high contrast to provide a better experience, such as gaming, movies, and other outdoor applications.

Due to the self-luminous properties of LEDs, they can be applied to many fields after downsizing. Whether it is a backlight or a display module, LEDs are better than OLEDs in terms of contrast, brightness and reliability. Mass production of mini LED backlights will begin in the second half of 2018. According to forecasts, 2020 will usher in prosperity. Micro LED technology is quite mature. Many companies have demonstrated their mini LED products in various applications. In addition to its use in gaming, some automotive displays, large-sized TVs, and other wearable devices have also begun mass production.

However, the biggest problem is still cost. A 32-inch mini LED display costs 100,000 Taiwan dollars. Such a high price makes it difficult for this product to penetrate the end market. Some experts have pointed out that to reduce the production cost of micro LEDs, it's necessary to optimize from two aspects of the backplane and the driver. Not only do passively driven PCB backplanes fail to improve resolution, but they are also expensive to produce, so many manufacturers are turning to actively driven backplanes. At the same time, the cost of drivers and panels should also be reduced.

In recent years, Esdlumen has made huge gains from mini LED screens. Our VE series, BIM Plus series, equipped with micro LEDs, have also become our company's hot-selling products and have been well received by customers. We believe that the mini LED will achieve better results in the future.
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